Biography / Statement


bmoodyart_ 2014

O this crushing burden – these sins of my fathers
what fetid weight this melancholy we call the deep south
surely the day of reckoning is upon this land of cotton
for behold: the conversion of St. Stonewall on the road to
Damascus, Georgia

Ode to my boy…bmoodyart c.2013

The beloved Deep South, teeming with mythologies and rife with contradictions: simultaneously amusing yet horrifying, both historic but still frighteningly current – this is the setting for bmoodyart.  Brad Moody’s work is narrative, frequently drawing upon a personal, as well as regional, consciousness where each work tells a separate story or struggle, often evoking emotion with the loaded imagery of Southern iconography and stereotypes.  The titles of many of his works “On Fields of Cotton and Chanel No. 5”, “Welcome to 1st Baptist Church”, “Junky Gay Boy”, “…they said it was In The Blood” – hint at the depths of the artist’s continuing exploration of the social issues of race, religion, gender, matriarchal power and redemption that he confronts (and that he started with in his 2012 collection “Welcome to Cotton County”).

Educated as an architect and designer at Rice University and London’s Architectural Association during the 1980’s, Brad Moody continues to be profoundly influenced by the thought processes of that era:  attitudes of “both/and”, “less is a bore”, combining and contrasting perceived “high” and “low” cultures and a continual questioning of self-referencing art worlds – all are front row and center in his works.  The paintings are known for their expressive intensity.  Frequently using vivid colors and bold strokes, with a signature frenetic style, there is a decidedly raw, outsider edge in their appeal.

Always involved in the fields of design, fashion and architecture, Brad Moody has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors.  While working in NYC as a fashion designer, he was featured in countless magazines and editorial pages – People Magazine, Elle Magazine, NY Times, and Texas Monthly with his designs gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan, Hamptons Magazine and Shape.  After moving to Savannah, GA, he returned to architecture and real estate where he received numerous “Salesman of the Year” awards.  b. moody art was born in 2010, when he first picked up a paint brush.  Shuttling back and forth between Houston, TX and Savannah, GA – he quickly developed a loyal following and in 2012 started showing extensively in Solo, Group and Art Fair Shows.  2014 marked his first foray into regional shows with 2015 European shows quickly following.

The works seek to command attention both to themselves and to their underlying issues. Use of common, everyday materials – house paint, pencil, tape and markers, a love of the quick brush stroke, the crusted over-laid layers of paint, snippets of text and his own poetry… all attempt to make the images more accessible and immediate.  Most importantly though, they are permeated with subtle hints of tenderness and innocence and loss – perhaps suggesting a look into the psychology and wonder we all experience in this turbulent, Neo-Mannerist world we find ourselves in.