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Show Up, a group show featuring Guus Kemp, Charles Krafft, Lester Marks, B. Moody, Julon Pinkston, Gil Rocha, Katie Pell, Antonia Richardson and Peter Zelle.

Join us on Friday,
August 15th, from 6:00-8:30 pm for the Opening of Show Up

Zoya Tommy Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce Show Up a group exhibition featuring Guus Kemp, Charles Krafft, Lester Marks, B. Moody, Julon Pinkston, Gil Rocha and introducing Katie Pell, Antonia Richardson, and Peter Zelle. The opening reception will be Friday, August 15th, from 6:00 – 8:30 pm and the show will run through Saturday, September 6th.

Show Up presents new works from established and new artists with a focus on bold, bright, and evocative colors. From sculpture to painting, Show Up will exhibit works that utilize color in a variety of ways, showing us how it moves the viewer psychologically, physiologically, visually, and symbolically. As the summer heat and stormy skies bare down upon Houston, Show Up serves as an escape where viewers can expect to be energized and moved by multiple expressions of color.

Show Up will have one piece or two per artist on the wall and in the middle of the gallery will change things around by having large crates with additional artwork to go through. It will be an overload of color and artwork for the summer month.

Guus Kemp will be preparing for two large international exhibitions in Paris and Beijing and will offer glimpses of new paintings rich with vibrant colors.

Outrageous Seattle based artist Charles Krafft will present hand painted ceramic pieces from his Disasterware series.

Houston’s most influential-art-collector-turned-artist, Lester Marks, will offer new abstract photographs. Marks never reveals his unique light sources which he uses to create mysterious dreamlike images that mesmerize.

Houston artist B. Moody who will concurrently have a show in New Orleans, offers new monotypes with bold, energetic colors in his signature frenetic style.

they said... IT WAS  IN THE BLOOD

they said it was… IN THE BLOOD, c.2014, acrylic / tape / pencil collage



PROTECT ME FATHER, c. 2014, acrylic / pencil / tape